Kyle Walker

Resident Tattooist & Download Tattooist

Kyle’s most passionate about black and grey realism and chicano but does enjoy doing full-colour realism as well. Kyle can create both small stand-alone pieces and larger conceptual designs done over multiple sittings. In Kyles spare time he is interested in ethical hacking and computer security and is even studying for a degree in it along with side tattooing. He also enjoys playing video games and is a massive Las Vegas Raiders fan, trying to get out to games regularly with his wife.

He is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist, winning awards at some of the best shows in the UK and is also published nationally and internationally in some of the worlds biggest tattoo magazines. He has also guest spotted with and worked alongside some of the worlds best and most well-known artists.

This would have been my third year tattooing at Download festival. The best thing about working Download for me is the awesome people and the incredible atmosphere the whole weekend. Everybody is happy, everybody is having a good time and even though generally I’m busy as hell all weekend I always have a great time and even manage to find time to squeeze a few bands in as well. All the guys and girls who I work with are amazing were pretty much like a huge family and I love the time I get to spend with them.

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