Resident Team

Darren Hubbard

Owner and Tattoo Artist

Darren, who has been a tattoo artist since the year 2000 opened Old Sarum Tattoo in 2012. Darren enjoys all aspects of tattooing in colour and black and grey. Darren has been organising the tattoo tents at Download Festival since 2014, originally starting with just one tent in the VIP area but now expanding to cover main arena, VIP and backstage.

Kyle Walker

Tattoo Artist

Kyle is a multi-award-winning tattoo artist, winning awards at some of the best shows in the UK and is also published nationally and internationally in some of the worlds biggest tattoo magazines. He has also guest spotted with and worked alongside some of the worlds best and most well-known artists.

Josie Keable

Tattoo Artist

Born in the coastal town of Lowestoft, Josie moved to Portsmouth to study her BA (hons) Illustration degree at the University of Portsmouth. During her time here she developed a playful, quirky approach to her artwork. After graduating in 2018, she began her tattooing career where she applies the work ethic and creativity she developed whilst at university.

Alisha Cheffey

Tattoo Artist

Alisha has been tattooing since 2019 and worked at Old Sarum since 2021. Alisha primarily creates fine line black and grey tattoos, taking inspiration  from nature.

Reece Williams

Tattoo Artist

Reece has been tattooing since 2022 after doing an extensive apprenticeship at Old Sarum Tattoo. Reece enjoys tattooing traditional styled tattoos, black and grey, and anything comic book or movie related.

Olivia Jenkins

Tattoo Artist

Olivia has been tattooing since 2022 after completing a thorough apprenticeship at Old Sarum Tattoo. Olivia or Liv loves to tattoo fine line designs and is working towards completing more micro-realism pieces. 

Leah Flack

Body Piercier

Leah is a professional body piercer from Salisbury, UK. Leah has been piercing professionally since 2021 and has undergone extensive training in First Aid, Infection Control, Bloodbourne Pathogens as well as spent time researching jewellery standards and materials and visiting piercing conferences all over the world.

Loki Auton

Laser Tattoo Removal

Loki is the resident tattoo removal specialist at Old Sarum Tattoos, Salisbury. Loki have been removing tattoos since 2019 and been a tattoo studio manager since 2018 previously at Blood Eagle Tattoos in Portsmouth.

Darren Redbeard

Tattoo Artist

My name is Darren and I’ve been tattooing since 99. I started in Milton Keynes, then moved to Ireland and tattooed in Derry city Northern Ireland and Letterkenny in the republic. I moved to Salisbury 13 years ago and have worked here since, recently working in Southampton. I like to tattoo traditional styles in black and grey or colour. As well as Japanese style designs and script. Also dot works and floral ornamental styles. Apart from tattooing, I love Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, West Ham and Heavy Metal.