Touring Tattoo Studio

Give your fans something that will last forever.

At Old Sarum Tattoo we work with some of the biggest names in Rock and Metal.
We host their pre show experiences which include tattoos and Merch.

Check out some of the bands we have worked with below.

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Bowling for Soup Touring Tattoo & Merch Store

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01722 410 767    

available from 10:00 – 19:00


Pre-Show Experience


Offical band Merchandise will be available at our pre-show experiences.


A fully licensed and insured tattoo booth to get your favourite bands ink!


Hang out with friends and other fans before the show with tour playlists, drinks and good times.

Case Study

Steel Panther
Touring Tattoo & Merch Store

Case Study

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Official Tattooist

Case Study

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