Isobel Morton

Tattooist @ Download

My name is Isobel Morton and i currently tattoo out of Nomad Private Studio based near Solihull Birmingham U.K . I’ve been tattooing professionally now for almost 9 years. I loved drawing from a very young age, I grew up reading comic books and watching Disney movies and various cartoons, like Pokemon. I feel like this was very influential on my drawing and tattooing style. I would say my main style of work is a colourful type of Neo-Traditional. I absolutely love tattooing floral pieces, animals, cartoon styles, Disney and Japanese; basically anything colourful!
Some of my favourite themes to tattoo are Halloween and autumnal/woodland inspired pieces. I also really enjoy doing mandala and ornamental styles of tattooing and would love to do more of this in the future. This year would have been my first year to work Download festival which is something i was very much looking forward to! I’ve been going to Download festival for almost 10 years now and have loved every single one of them, it always has the best atmosphere and amazing line ups. I can’t wait to get to work alongside some amazing artists at Download next year and feel very lucky to be doing so 😊

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