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Photo ID is required

Over 18 only

Once you have shown proof of your negative test – this will be done at the first check point at the entrance to the arena. You will still need to follow current COVID guidelines in regards to masks and social distancing in the car parks and drop off/pick up points.

No, the whole site is cashless. You can use debit/credit cards or apps on your phone, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Cash won’t be accepted anywhere on site.

This includes OLD SARUM TATTOO.

Yes, you will need photographic ID

Before getting a tattoo, please refrain from having any alcoholic drinks or drugs (for example: marijuana, cocaine, aspirin, or blood thinning medications etc) for at least 24 hours before the tattoo session. Make sure you have a good nights sleep the night before and have a decent breakfast on that morning. Be sure to bring along sugar drinks, or a chocolate for your appointment.

Our on-site aftercare team will look after you, make sure to ask any questions you have!

Aftercare is provided onsite,  as part of your tattoo price. 

The legal minimum age you can be to get a tattoo is 18. Even with parental consent we will not tattoo anyone under this age, so please don’t ask us. Everyone who gets a tattoo here has to complete a consent form which includes proof of age identification. If you often get asked for ID, make sure you bring it with you on the day, otherwise we won’t be able to tattoo you.

The flash designs and pricings are displayed at the OLD SARUM TATTOO tent. Pop down and have a look, or SIGN UP for our newsletter for advanced info. Remember, these are EXCLUSIVE designs to this year only. 

During the Festival, we can only accommodate a small amount of flexibility from the listed designed. 

If you are looking some extra custom work, it’s best to speak with the team who can laisse with the artists on the day.

There are limits on size & placements during the festival too. 

For the past 7 years, OLD SARUM TATTOO have been the official tattooist at the historic DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL.

We take great pride in providing the best possible service and highest quality Tattoo work for our clients.

The Tattoo studio covers Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset Towns and Cities including Salisbury, Amesbury, Andover, Southampton and Bournemouth. We would love to help you with your new tattoo calling on our years of experience and customer care which is second to none.

At Old Sarum Tattoo we have a team of great artists and staff dedicated to helping you achieve your dream tattoo. Between our artists, all of the tattoo styles are covered. Please check our artist page to find out the best artist for you.

To find out some frequently asked questions about your tattoo experience and our aftercare procedure please check our FAQ page. If you can find the answers you’re looking for please email us


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Limited edition Download Pilot tattoo magnet with every tattoo

We are located over by the Second Stage

How does it work ?

We are a regulated & licensed tattoo studio, the only difference is that we are in the MAIN ARENA during DOWNLOAD. We operate to the very highest standard, as you would expect of the OFFICAL tattooist for the last 7 years. 

We are located near the Second Stage (check the map above).

All tattoos must be chosen from the custom-designed artwork. You can see these flash sheets ahead of time if you sign up for our newsletter

All tattoos are via a first-come, first-served basis. This means to get in early to ensure your slot, your tattoo will require Photo-ID. All payments must be via contactless – NO CASH IS ACCEPTED ON SITE.

Make sure you take full advantage of our AFTERCARE SERVICE, it is included in the price of your tattoo, so please do use it. Lastly, make sure you are signed up to our mailing list or the Download Mailing list to keep up to date with any news.

Dave Kai Piper
Dave Kai Piper

The Download Dog

The Download Dog is the official mascot of the Download Festival and appears on a wide range of material related to the festival, such as tickets, stage banners, merchandise, marketing, and the official Download website.

Old Sarum Tattoo Studio have been inking Download dogs and much more on faithful DL’ers since 2014. We can’t think of any other festivals that have a mascot that’s so popular. Make sure you share your tattoo on the socials using the #DownloadDog tag too

Staying Clean

A lot of the time we’re asked about our equipment, how we keep it clean and how we keep the areas clean and the answer is with a lot of hard work. A lot of people don’t like that we keep our tent empty, but we would not be able to keep the area sanitary if we had everyone walking in – it’s why we have the queue outside and not filling up our reception area.

We have a specific team (BLKclinical) who do all of the tattoo conventions in the country, they keep the area clean and run the aftercare. Their team will be split into two: one half will be dedicated to preventing cross contamination, helping to keep all the stations clean, keeping the floor clean and the other half will just be for the aftercare in a dedicated clean environment.

We’ll have our aftercare stations again where you can come back and have your tattoo cleaned and re-wrapped. If you get tattooed on the Friday you can come back on the Saturday and Sunday and we’ll clean everything down for you and rewrap you. We’ll be using DERMALIZE to wrap your tattoo in: it’s breathable, you don’t have to take it off – it’s another barrier against the elements. It’s a great second skin for everything that Download might throw at you.

Win an official banner

Make sure you share your tattoo with us and DOWNLOAD by sharing your tattoo using the #DownloadPilot and tag @OLD_SARUM_TATOO. You might just win an official banner from the DOWNLOAD Tattoo tent. 

Did you get a #DownloadDog , if so, we know DOWNLOAD LOVE TO SEE THEM!!  Tag the legendary pooch ON ALL THE SOCIALS!