We Are Joining Creeper For The Sacred Blasphemy Tour

We will be hosting The Haunt with Creeper to bring you official Creeper Tattoos and Merch at our pre-show events. 

Be sure to get down to the pre-show event early for your chance to get your hands on some goodies from Creeper and our other partners!

Sign up to our mailing list to receive the tattoo designs in advance of the event! 

The Haunt Locations

Working Artists

Darren Hubbard

Stev Steventon

Olivia Jenkins

What To Expect...

We are a regulated and licensed tattoo studio working alongside Creeper to give you an awesome pre-show tattoo and merch experience.

When we set up, we create a sterile and clean environment to tattoo in. Working alongside local authorities, we ensure all health guidelines are met.

We operate to the very highest standard, as you would expect from the Old Sarum Team. There is an aftercare service included within the price of your tattoo.

All tattoos are on a first-come, first-served basis. You will require Photo-ID in order to get tattooed.

There will also be a fully stocked Creeper store, ready for you to pick up any merch before the show.

Creeper The Haunt