Download 2019

Download’s resident tattooists Old Sarum returned to Donington for the sixth year to ink the masses with a more permanent memento of their weekend.

They brought in more artists and expanded their aftercare services to make sure tattoos healed great over the weekend.

After getting a tattoo Downloaders were able to come back everyday at the festival to get it cleaned, creamed and freshly wrapped to help protect them and their new ink !

Download 2018

Old Sarum Tattoo Studio has been inking Download dogs and much more on faithful DL’ers since 2014. We cannot wait to have them back at Donington next month, so we caught up with Old Sarum Tattoo Studio owner and resident artist Darren Hubbard to talk #DL2018.

With a whopping 18 years of tattooing behind him, Darren Hubbard is a guy the Download dog would be put his paws in if he was going to get his first tat. The Old Sarum Tattoo Studio will be celebrating their fifth anniversary at Download this year, so it’s only right that Darren’s making his studio fit for a headliner by doubling in size. And, that’s not all as he’s bringing new cleaning and aftercare services to keep your tattoo looking like a first-class work of art.

Darren dishes up his advice on getting a tattoo at Download, which band he’s dying to ink on the line-up and reveals the new flash sheets for #DL2018!

How long has Old Sarum been at Download?

This will be our fifth year tattooing at Download -we’ve done four years previously. Our first year was very small, just in the RIP section, and since then it’s just grown massively. This year we’re going to double-up our size in the arena.

What are your favourite memories from Download?

Definitely catching the last 30 minutes of Slipknot, that was insane. It was definitely one of the best live performances I’ve seen – it was so good.

One of the best things about what we do at Download is when we have the repeat customers and they come back every year; they tell us their crazy Download stories and every year their stories get longer and longer. They have a bunch of Download tattoos as well, it’s a real big part of their life and it’s cool for us to commemorate that.

What’s the best tattoo you’ve ever given at Download?

In 2016 [the organisers] wanted to do some filming for some promo stuff and they asked me to do a Download dog and they used it on the big screens the next year. There’s a clip where I’m tattooing this guy and he’s being asked why he wanted the tattoo. I’ve never been filmed start to finish for any promos and I really felt the pressure! It came out perfectly, so that was the one I was most proud of.

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